About Chiang Mai Food Critic

We are a couple of expats living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We got into a restaurant rut and needed a reason to start trying new places, so we started this website as a way to venture out and start exploring again.




We made a list of the most popular restaurants on Trip Advisor and set out to try each one. On our search, we quickly realized how difficult it was to find the restaurants. Many of the restaurants don’t have websites and the maps online are often inaccurate. On Chiang Mai Food Critic, we’ve constructed an accurate map pinpointing the actual location of each restaurant.


Restaurants by Location


The most popular tourist areas in Chiang Mai are the Old City, the Night Bazaar, and Nimman (short for Nimmanhaemin) Road. All of the restaurants on Chiang Mai Food Critic are within walking distance of these 3 areas.


Restaurants by Cuisine Type


Chiang Mai offers a wide variety of restaurants. We’ve separated them into categories to make searching easier. If you’re looking for the best place to have breakfast, then you can easily see all the restaurants serving breakfast.




The only thing that is consistent in Chiang Mai is inconsistency. During our stay in Chiang Mai, we’ve seen countless restaurants come and go. Hours change. Cooks change. Menus change. Prices change. You get the point. Our reviews are accurate at the time of writing, but things change.